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The Priests Are At Fault For Leaving The Knowledge of God

John Collins09/19/2012

In Hosea 4, God condemns Israel because they had lost the most valuable possession they were given:  the knowledge of God.

God spoke through Hosea and let the people know that He was displeased with them.  There was no faithfulness to God, no steadfast love for Him.  There was no knowledge of God in the land.

Instead, they had replaced God with swearing, lying, stealing, and adultery.  The people broke every facet of the law, bringing bloodshed.  The entire land mourned because the people did not know God.

Without God, all who dwelled in the land suffered, from the animals in the fields to the birds in the skies to the fish of the sea.  All lived condemned, they had lost their connection with God.

God said that no one should acuse another for leaving God and turning towards sin.  God said that his contention was with the priests.  It was because of the priests that the knowledge of God had been lost.

God said that they would stumble, and the prophet would stumble with them.  Because of the priests, God would destroy.

He was very specific with the priests.  They would be destroyed for their lack of knowledge.  The priests had rejected knowledge of God, and He would reject them from being His priests.  Because they had left the Law, God would also forget their children.

God said that the more the priests increased, the more they sinned against Him.  He would change their glory into shame.  The priests would feed on the sin of the people, for they were greedy.

The priests were responsible for the sin of the people, and because of this, God said that the priest would reap the punishment.  They would be repaid for their deeds because they had forsaken God.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Have our pastors forgotten the knowledge of God?  Do they teach us of heavenly things or earthly things of the past?  Do they teach us the Bible, or some other man's doctrine?  Are they spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or some other Gospel?  Do the fruits of their ministry produce good fruit?  Are their followings at peace and love with God and man, or are they filled with hatred and violence?  If Hosea were sent here today, would he be given a message of praise and honor, or a message of destruction?