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2000 Cities Worldwide!!!

John Collins9/18/2012 7:14:00 PM?2000 CITIES WORLDWIDE!!!

This is a very special day for Since February 1 when we started this journey, plenty of hardships and tears, trials and persecution have made us stronger in Christ. At every turn, Christ was always there to provide the direction, and at every question He was always there to provide the scripture. All answers are in His Word.

There is no person on this planet that Christ cannot save, no person who is beyond His Grace. As Christians, our mission in life should be to shout His Gospel, the Good News that Christ died for us, from every mountain, valley, city, street, and corner. All we have to do is believe in Christ, and He will offer salvation freely.

This journey was not an easy start. As we began looking beyond all understanding to lean on Christ, a flood of emotions got in the way. Pride had to be replaced with humility, and Divine Love had to cover all emotion. Our love had to change from not only the few brothers that stood with us, but also for all who come against us. Christ did not come to save the righteous, His love was for all mankind.

The answer to every problem came directly from God's Word. Each and every "Thought for the Day" came directly from the scriptures. Line by line, word by word, each "Thought" was simply writing the scripture in today's English. Some who challenged or objected to the "Thought of the Day" began to realize that they were objecting to the scripture itself because they had been taught a different doctrine, and joined us on our journey to the Truth.

We now have over 3,000 Facebook likes, 2000 cities actively reading our website including its publications, research articles, books, and information, multiple private research groups, support groups, and Bible study groups, and countless viewers in multiple forums we either host or are active in. People all around the world are seeking the Truth!

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to help others find answers to their questions. Pray for us as we battle those who constantly attempt to bring our sites down. Pray for the hundreds who have began their journey and for the thousands who realize something is missing from their lives, their hearts bleeding to know the Truth that comes only from Christ. Pray that all who see a post on our sites may be pointed to Christ.

Thank you for supporting us, and God bless you!

John Collins
Author and Webmaster
Seek Ye The Truth