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The Difference Between Law And Grace

John Collins09/16/2012

Romans 5 teaches us the difference between the Law and Grace.

Paul said that through one man, sin entered into the world.  One rule was given to Adam, before Eve was created:  Do not eat of the fruit of the tree.  Though Eve ate first, Adam was the one who sinned against God, because God told Adam not to eat.  Adam broke the one rule given to him.

Paul said that sin existed before the Mosaic law.  Because of Adam's sin, death entered into the world.  But there was a difference.

Paul said that sin was not counted before the Mosaic law.  Though death reigned, as God promised if the fruit was eaten, sin was not counted.  From Adam to Moses, many sinned.  Sin abounded, from slaying brothers to adultery and more.  Yet without law, rules cannot be broken.  

When Jesus Christ gave his life for us, He offered Himself freely so that we could be righteous and holy.  Now that the law has been fulfilled, we still know and remember sin, because sin was magnified under the law.  Yet we are under the covenant of Grace.  Paul said that Adam was a "type" of the One who was to come.  Though he sinned, Adam had no reason to worry about it since he did not know the law.  Likewise, though we sin, we have no reason to worry about it because God gave His only Son to die on the cross for our salvation!

Paul said that the free gift we were given is not like Adam who trespassed against God.  If many men died through Adam's mistake, how much more will live from the grace of God?  The grace of one man, Jesus Christ, gives us security in knowing that we have a right to our salvation!

He said that the free Gift is not like the consequences given by God for Adam's sin.  Judgement followed close behind that one single trespass, and brought condemnation to the world.  The free Gift is the opposite; because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ, an abundance of Grace and free gift of righteousness abound!  One trespass led to condemnation while one act of righteousness led to justification and life for all!

Paul said that the law came to increase the trespass.  It came to magnify our sin.  We would have never known we were sinners without the law!  It's sole purpose, according to Paul, was to show us how badly we needed Grace!  All are sinners!

There are over 60 sins described in the New Testament.  All of which are given to show that through the Law no one could be worthy.  To show anger toward another is breaking the commandment to commit murder.  To look at another woman in lust is to commit adultery.  All sins described in the new testament are explaining how we break each and every one of the Ten Commandments in our daily lives.  And no man is without sin!

But where sin increased through the law, where we were shown how pitiful we are, grace abounds all the more!  Though our sins are too many to count in just a single day, God's grace is larger than we can fathom in just a single millisecond!

The law was given so that grace would one day reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we try to uphold the law, knowing that even the Apostle Paul said it was impossible?  Shouldn't we be accepting the new covenant of Grace instead?  Though our anger towards another is the same as Cain killing Abel, do we continue as though we are not under the new covenant of Grace?  How many sin daily through pride or anger, lust or covetousness, deceit or foolishness?  How many never repent for these things, covering them by the Blood of Christ simply because they are not in the set of "rules" given by the pastor?  Do our pastors even know of God's Grace?