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The Evil Doctrine

John Collins09/15/2012

As Paul spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, setting up churches and workers to spread the Good News, he warned against those who would add their own doctrines to hinder the faith.  Romans 16 gives the warning.

Those spreading the good news were not limited to the men only.  Men and women alike were workers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, spreading the Good News that Jesus Christ had came as the Messiah.  They spread the message of Grace by faith in Jesus Christ, just as Paul taught.

Paul took special care to mention Phoebe, a sister in Christ who Paul considered to be a patron that helped many in their efforts to spread the Gospel.  He told the church to help her in whatever she needed so that she could continue in her work.  Paul mentioned many other men and women who were establishing churches, spreading the Gospel, and helping others to learn of Christ.  

The early church was growing, and Paul wanted them to grow in one accord.  Already men with ill intentions had been adding law back into the message of Grace, forbidding meats or drinks and spreading the Jewish tradition of circumcision into the Gentile churches.  Paul warned them against those who started these divisions in the churches.

Paul considered anything contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ an 'obstacle.'  Those who created these divisions with their doctrines did not serve Christ, but served their own appetites.  Through their smooth talk and flattery they deceived the hearts and minds of the naive.  

The dedication of the early church towards the Gospel of Christ was well known.  Paul rejoiced that they all taught the same message of Grace that he taught, but wanted them to be aware of the evil that came in through these doctrines.  It was evil, and Paul said that the God of Peace would crush Satan under their feet.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  What message do we spread?  Do we tell others from the rooftops that Jesus Christ has died for our sins, or do we spread some other message?  Is our message one of Grace and Peace, or one of rules and law?  Does our message bring the Christian churches in our cities and around the world together in harmony, or does it create divisions to separate ourselves from other Christians?  Have we became part of the evil doctrine Paul warned about?