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Branham Messed Up ... Let's FIX it!

John Collins9/15/2012 8:11:00 AMThis morning, I was reviewing a site intended to answer questions ... that raises many more questions: http://www.ALivingGod.Com, a MSG website that focuses on Oneness and Church Ages.

Shocked a bit when I went through the Church Ages that Branham copied from Clarence Larkin's "Dispensational Truth." One of the mistakes WMB made when he copied the dates from Larkin and "assigned" messengers to the dates was Columba of the Thyatira Age. Columba died before the age even started.

According to WMB: "The Thyatirean Age lasted the longest of them all, about 900 years, from 606 to 1520," but Columba died in 597 -- nine years before his "age" even started:

This site,, takes liberties with the dates yet provides no explanation as to why. No mention of these dates being copied from Larkin, and they change the years slightly to allow for assumption that Columba's final years ended within the church age. changed the Thyatira age from Branham's (or actually Larkin's) teachings of 606-1520 to their own date range of 590 A.D. - 1517 A.D.

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