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Forget About The Past! Look Towards The Goal!

John Collins09/03/2012

Philippians 3 tells us to forget about our past and press own towards our righteousness through faith in Christ.

Paul admitted that he was not perfect, but pressed on to be perfect.  He strove for perfection in Christ because Jesus Christ had made Paul His own.  

He longed for righteousness in Christ, not from the works he did in the law, but through faith in Jesus Christ.  Paul said that the best way he found to do this was to forget about what lay behind and start straining forward to what lies ahead.  He said that he pressed on for the call of God in Jesus Christ.

Paul asked those who were mature to start thinking this way.  If anything within them thought otherwise, Paul asked that God would reveal it to them.  He said that we should hold to what we have attained through faith.

He asked the brothers to join in this way of thinking, watching those who look to them for their examples.  There were many already coming together as enemies of the Christians.  Their end is destruction, and their god is their belly.  They set their minds on earthly things and glorify in their shame.  

Our citizenship, Paul said, is in heaven and not upon earth.  We wait a living Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He will transform our earthly body into a body like His glorious body.  The power of Christ makes all things subject to Himself.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we press on towards righteousness?  Do the things we have done hold us back, or have we forgotten about them to look towards our shining goal?  Does anything within us cling to works-righteousness, or do we believe with all our heart and soul that we can be saved through faith in Jesus Christ?