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The Treasure To Be Revealed

John Collins09/02/2012

When Peter greeted the exiled Christians in 1 Peter 1, He greeted them with grace, peace, and hope.  Peter spoke of a treasure that would be made known only through revelation.

He blessed them with grace and peace, according to the foreknowledge of God the Father.  He blessed them for sanctification of the Holy Spirit, and he blessed them for their obedience to Jesus Christ, God's son, who gave His life upon the cross.

Peter praised the God and Father of Jesus Christ for His great mercy.  Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, God the Father gave us a new hope.  We are destined to an inheritance that will last forever, one that is kept in heaven for us.  Our treasures laid up in heaven are guarded by faith for a salvation that will be revealed in the last time.  

Peter said that we could rejoice in our treasures in heaven, though we face trials for a little while here on earth.  God is testing the genuineness of our faith.  This faith is more precious than gold, tested by the fire.  

This revelation Peter spoke of is the revelation of Jesus Christ.  Though we have not seen Christ, we love Him!  Though we do not see Him, we believe Him!  Christ gives us a joy that is beyond expression, and fills us with glory.  Through Christ, we can obtain our treasure through faith, which is the salvation of our souls!

This treasure of salvation is what the prophets of old prophesied about.  They foretold that grace would be ours for the taking.  They predicted the sufferings of Christ, and how the Spirit would come.  It was revealed to the prophets of old that they were not serving themselves, but were serving us!  They were given the gift of prophecy for the sole purpose of announcing the coming Messiah.  They preached the Good News to us by the Holy Spirit that was sent from heaven, telling us things that even the angels longed to see!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we glad that God announced his coming to the prophets of old?  Are we proud to be named among the body of Christ?  Are we laying up our treasures in heaven?