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Search Us, O God!

John Collins08/26/2012

Psalm 139 is a psalm of David, 

David said that God had searched him and knew him.  He knew when David sat and when david rose; God even knew David's thoughts from afar on His throne.

God is acquainted with everything in our lives, from the time we sleep to the paths that we will take from day to day.  Before a word comes from our mouths, God already knows exactly what we are going to say.  

God is the one who binds us together and keeps His hand upon us.  It is wonderful to know that God is involved in every thread of our lives!  So much greater than we can even comprehend!

After knowing the Spirit of God, where could we go were we to leave?  If we ascend to heaven, God is there!  If we are cast down into the pits of hell, God knows all about it.  If we rise early and try to leave the presence of God, His hand will even lead us there.  His hand is holding fast to ours no matter where we go!

God is the one who formed our bodies from each inward part to our outward appearance.  He knitted us together in our mother's womb, just like a mother would knit with loving care for her child.

We praise God.  We were made to serve God, and wonderfully so.  His works are wonderful, and we know it well.  Nothing within us is in secret, woven together already in the depths of the earth before the beginning of time.  God had already written our names in His book before a single person dwelled upon the earth!

Try to imagine the thoughts of God, how wonderful!  Knowing the thoughts of each and every person on the earth from this moment to the beginning of time and to the ends of eternity, God knows everything!  If we were to count them, it would be more than the sands!

We serve a living God, watching over our every step.  Our enemies' steps are numbered, though allowed to torment for a little while.  Though they may speak against us and God, who can rise up against the God we serve?

Search us, God, and know our heart!  Try us and know our thoughts!  If there is anything within us that causes you grief, lead us in the way that leads to life everlasting!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we want God to search us, or do we think we can keep things hidden from God?  Do we try to withhold our inward thoughts from the God who knew we would have them before the beginning of time?  Do we worry about our trials when we serve the God who already knows the outcome?  Do we praise God for his knowledge and control in our lives?