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Let Our Enemies Believe The Sign!

John Collins08/19/2012

Psalm 86 is a song of praise and worship to the One True God for His steadfast love towards David.  David pleads for mercy unto God, asking God to show a sign to his enemies that those who had risen against David would Believe the Sign and be put to shame in knowning that David served the One True God.

David asks God to listen to His poor servant who has placed his trust in the Lord.  He asked God to give him protection and save his life.

It was God that David cried out unto all the day, and David asked God to be gracious.  He asked God to bless him with comfort and happiness.  David lifted his soul up towards God.

He said that God was good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all that call upon Him.  Therefore, he asked God to listen to his plea for grace.  David said that when he was in trouble, he could call on God because God would answer!

There is none like Yahweh among the gods, and there are none that can do the works of the One True God.  All the nations that God has made will come and worship before God and glorify His Name.  David said that God was great and did wondrous things, and He alone was God.

David asked God to teach him God's way so that he could walk in God's Truth.  He asked God to unite his heart to fear God's Name.  He gave thanks and glorified the Name of God with his whole heart, and would do so forever.  It was God that had delivered his soul from the depths of hell.

David said that insolent men, arrogant men with lack of respect had risen against him.  A band of ruthless men sought out to take David's life.  But these men did not walk with God.

David praised God for his mercy and grace, and said that God was slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.  He asked God to turn his mercy and grace towards David, his servant.  He asked God to give strength. 

Finally David asked God to show a sign of His favor towards David.  Others who hated David could see and Believe the Sign, and then would be put to shame.  They would know that Yahweh, the One True God, had helped him and comforted him.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we praise God for His steadfast love?  Do we serve the God above all other Gods?  Do we fear the insolent men who rise up against us, or do we hold fast to God and know that God will stand with us?  Do we get our favor from the Lord, or from men?