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Praise God! We're FREE!

John Collins08/17/2012

It's time to pause a moment and reflect what God has done for us.  There's no better way to do it than by reading Romans 8.  Let's rejoice with Paul and praise God, because we are FREE!

Paul said that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ can be saved, and starts out saying that there is absolutely NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!  The Holy Spirit has set us free!  We have a new law of the Spirit, free from the Mosaic law of sin and death!

The Mosaic law had failed, weakened by the wretched lives of sinners who could not uphold the law.  Through Jesus Christ, God had done what the law could not do: bring salvation to all who believe on His Son!  By sending His own Son in the likeness of the sinful flesh, he condemned sin for us in the flesh!  

The Mosaic Law had requirements that must be met.  Many of them, from stoning our children when they disobey to eating locusts and not mixing of fibers.  These requirements had no effect on the salvation of one's soul.  But because of the law, men set their minds on the things of this law, essentially turning the law itself into an idol.  Paul said that those who set their minds on the things of the flesh live according to the laws and focus on death.  Those who set their minds on the Holy Spirit set their mind on life and peace!

Paul did not take this lightly.  He rebuked those who tried to uphold the law that had failed.  Paul said that the mind that is on the flesh is hostile to God!  It does not submit to God's law, because it can't!  It pleases the law that had become a failed system!  He said that those who are in the flesh (living by the law) cannot please God!

We are no longer living in the law, the things of the flesh.  We are now under the Holy Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells within us.  Paul said that anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to Him.  

The mortal man cannot uphold the law.  It is impossible.  Paul said that although our bodies are dead because of sin, if Christ is in us we have the Spirit of LIFE!  If the Spirit of God, the One who raised Jesus from the dead, dwells in us, then God will also give life to our mortal bodies!

Therefore, Paul said that we were no longer debtors to the flesh (law).  We no longer have to live according to the flesh (law).  If we live according to the flesh (law), we will die, but if through the Holy Spirit we put the deeds of our bodies behind us we will LIVE!  Paul said that all who are led by the Spirit are sons of God!

Paul begged them not to go back to the law.  It was slavery!  We did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear!  We received the adoption of sons of God!  That's why we cry out to the FATHER!  The Holy Spirit himself bears witness with our spirits, and we are now children of God!  Not only heirs of God, but Paul said that we are fellow heirs with Christ!  If we lose our own life for Christ, then we may also be glorified with Him!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we thankful that our Heavenly Father sent His only Son to free us from the law?  Or are we unthankful, returning to the law?  Have we adopted the law of slavery or the law of Grace and Unmerited Favor?  Are we the sons and daughters of the law of death, or the sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father?  Are we heirs of the kingdom?  


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