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The Eleventh Commandment

John Collins8/11/2012 7:12:00 AMThis request for a forum discussion came in through the main website.

We have no reservation to post anything in this forum that is supportive of the MSG, just as we have no reservation to post anything that is negative towards the message. The objective is to discuss and find the Truth.

This brother asked that we search for the Truth, and I want to honor that request. I invite the brother to join in the discussion under an alias, and participate! All are welcome.


Dear Brother John Collins I have heard and read the things on your website about VOGR and all the money they have. And this week about Jeremy Bergen and his website. Sad to hear all those things.

Years ago somebody translated the seven church age book into Dutch. In the front the translator put in a prophecy that was out of a old Dutch paper called "De Oogst" from 1962.

Yesterday I found in a little green colored printed book "The Eleventh Commandment" that real prophecy in English langues. See under here. On the front page stands ( written) by William Branham.

But I think that it is like the seven church ages book,( Lee Vayle) written by other men, and they have used William Branham's on it, because of his name. I found out that the most of the books has been printed by Gordon Lindsay.

My question to you, is this: Who has written that book ? Gordon Lindsay or who else? Do you know who is the real writer? The prophecy in that printed book page 21 to 23 is under here, with warnings against the leaders etc.

On the link you can read it for yourself, in there it is on page 10/11. In there is written that the prophecy that was spoken after brother Branham preach the message " We Would See Jesus" in Tacoma Washington as the writer of that book says.

I have look for that message in what year that was preach and where, but could not find it. I like to know it from you, ( if you know it) where that message was preach and on what date and if there is a real old tape available where we also can hear this prophecy, because it is a strong warning against the leaders, who are against William Branham.

Maybe you can put that prophecy on your webpage if you don't know it, maybe there is somebody from the older ones that knows it, and have sound evidence, that it has been spoken. So what do you think yourself, about this prophecy, is that true or not? I like to hear from you or to see this prophecy on your weblog, maybe somebody else know it or has de date and sound of that prophecy. I have no facebook otherwise I could put this prophecy on the site of Jeremy Bergen "The Believe the sign. com.

Thank you and God bless you. ... ndment.pdf

Brother Branham had just finished preaching the sermon "We Would See Jesus," and the audience was in profound silence nay, not one moved, nor a whisper heard. When God is about to speak He calls a holy hush! Even Brother Branham who had been speaking softly suddenly stopped!

Then all of a sudden a voice was heard from the far balcony. There was no need of a microphone for God opened each ear as it seemed! The air waves carried it plainly to ear and heart of all present. Let me quote it exactly word for word as recorded on my tape recorder:

Prophecy warning to the leaders "Yea saith the Lord to this my people, that my servant whom I have sent, even unto thee, even unto this generation, he must speak boldly even as Paul, to convince these that I have sent him to. "Yea for I have sent him my servant Branham. I have put My words in his mouth. Even as I have sent my Son to die, and my people rejected Him even so have I sent my son Branham, even in this thy day unto these he hath come.

"Yea they have assembled together, they have met in their secret chambers. The leaders of my people have counseled together. They have passed judgment even upon him. They have said in their secret chambers, 'We shall reject him, we shall seek a fault with him. We shall find many faults with him, and we shall teach our people. We shall tell them that this also is Beelzebub.

Yea, it is not the Spirit of the Lord that has sent him. "So I will judge them even by my servant Branham whom I have sent unto thee. "For I will put my Spirit in my servants and if thou doth not yield to my Spirit thou shalt be broken. But if it shall fall upon thee, if the Word of the Lord shall fall upon thee, thou shalt be crushed, and thy house left unto thee desolate.

This is the rock, yea if thou shalt fall upon it thou shalt be broken. But if it doth fall upon thee it will grind thee to powder. "And thus saith the Lord even unto those who have assembled together, thus saith the Lord unto those that call themselves by those who have been filled with my Spirit: For ye have been my people, I have blessed thee, I have anointed thee, but thou hast gathered together and hast rejected the servant of the Lord God that I have sent unto thee.

And even by sending him will I judge thee, and thy house shall be desolate even in this day, and in this hour. For thou shalt call for revival but the ear of the Lord shall not hearken unto thee, for when I did call unto thee thou didst not know me. Thou wouldst be a strange people unto me when I would speak unto thee. Yea thou hast become even as my people when I stood and cast out devils, and healed the sick, and broke bread and multiplied it in thine eyes, thou said 'he has a devil. "But unto him that hath an ear let him hear what saith the Spirit unto the churches, for I will speak unto thee.

I will send my servants unto thee and they shall bless thee and thou shalt be gathered unto me. Thou shalt be blessed mightily as thou hast never been. Cast from thee the thinking of men and the ways of men and turn to the Lord."