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Not One Word of God Will Fail

John Collins08/08/2012

Joshua 23 reminds us that not a single Word of God will fail.  

After God had given the people rest and comfort from their enemies for a long time, Joshua gathered the people together in his final days of life.  All of Israel was gathered, with elders and heads of the tribes, judges and officers, all relaying the message to the large multitude of people.

Joshua told the people that he was getting to be old, and would not be long on the earth.  He reminded them of the mighty works of the hand of the Lord, all of the things that God had done to the other nations as God fought for them.

Joshua said that he had allotted the remaining nations to conquer as an inheritance for them, along with all of the nations that had already been cut off from the Jordan to the Great Sea in the west.  He said that God would push them back and drive those nations out of their site, so they could possess the land just as the Lord God had promised them.

A solid warning was given to the people, instructing them to keep all of the words written in the Book of the Law of Moses.  They were given charge to keep the words of the Law, not varying from it in the slightest.  The gods that the other nations served would be mentioned no more, and the children of Israel were not to mix with these people of idolatry.

Instead, the Children of Israel were to cling to the One True God, just as they had until the day that Joshua spoke.  Right before their very eyes, God had driven out many mighty nations, and no man had been able to stand against them.  God endued the people with power, such that one single man from their army gave the fight of a thousand strong men.  It was God who fought for them, just as He had promised.

He reminded the people to love the Lord God with all their hearts.  If they turned back to cling to any of the remnants of these nations that they were conquering, and associate with them to mix their idolatrous ways with their ways of the One True God, God would no longer fight for them.  Without God, these nations would be a snare and a trap for them, and they would suffer a great defeat.  

Joshua's last reminder to the people was to all of the people, deep in their hearts and souls.  He reminded them that not one single Word that the Lord God had given them had ever failed.  All that God promised concerning the children of Israel had happened exactly as God had told them, and they could rest assured on the Word of God.

He also reminded them that God gave instruction on both the rewards and on the punishment.  Just as the good things were given to them as a reward, all of the evil things God spoke as punishment would be given to them if they transgressed the covenant.  If they allowed other gods to be served by any of the people of the children of Israel, the anger of God would be against them, and they would perish.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we see the hand of the Lord at work in our lives?  Do we see when the mighty power of God gives us strength and comfort to face our trials each day?  Have we noticed that not a single word has failed, from the very first word to the very last word of the Bible?  Do we hold fast to the Word of God, standing for the Truth?