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Vision of the Plum and Apple Trees

John Collins8/7/2012 8:07:00 PMBelieveTheSign caught a vision that I missed when I went through the list of inaccuracies.

The "vision" directly contradicts the doctrine.
And now, did you notice, there's many trinitarian people setting here; there's many oneness, and there's many different ones. But how little you would be to fuss about it, because if that part of the vision was true, the other part's true too. Both fruits was found in the cross. See? Both of them was in the cross, all clustered together, and both plums and pear--or peach, plums and apples rained down on me there: both of them. All found in the cross, because they all believed in God and are filled with the Holy Ghost, and have the Christian works and signs following.
-- Present Stage of My Ministry, September 8, 1962

Now compare this "vision" to the statement by WMB:

"Jesus said, "Except you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins." He is the revelation of God, the Spirit of God revealed in human form. If you can't believe that, you're lost. You put Him a third person, second person, or any other person besides God, you're lost."
-- Branham (July 25, 1965)

A very good question was asked by the BTS author:
If William Branham was correct in condemning Trinitarians in 1965, then the vision of the plum and apple trees from 1933 was wrong. If the vision from 1933 is wrong, then William Branham was a false prophet as visions should not be subject to Progressive Revelation. It is unlikely that God's opinion changed on this subject. Do you think that William Branham was wrong in his teaching in 1965, or that the 1933 vision was false?