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Vindication of the Lord

John Collins08/06/2012

Psalm 26 gives us hope of vindication against our accusers because we have walked with the Lord.

David writes, "Vindicate me, O Lord."  David had walked in integrity, trusting in the Lord God without wavering in his faith in the One True God.  He asked the Lord to prove himself and try himself, to test his heart and mind, because he walked in faithfulness to God.

David said that he did not sit in the counsel of men of falsehood, and did not consort with hypocrites.  He hated assemblies of evildoers and did not permit himself to sit with the wicked.

David's hands were washed in innocence, and he could go before the altar of the Lord proclaiming thanksgiving to all, and telling everyone about God's wonderful works.  David loved the house of the Lord, and loved to be in the place where the Glory of the Lord was found.  

He asked God not to allow his soul to be carried away with sinners, and his life not to be given to the hands of evil and bloodthirsty men.  David said "As for me, I shall walk in my integrity."  He asked the Lord to redeem him and be gracious towards him.  

His feet were firmly planted, and David blessed the name of the Lord.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are our feet firmly planted?  Do we look to God for our vindication, or do we look to men for vindication?  If we walked before the alter of the Lord, could we do so with hands washed in innocence?  Is our devotion to God strong enough that we could ask God to try us and prove us?  Are we fully vindicated?