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Vengeance is Mine, Saith the Lord

John Collins08/04/2012

Ezekiel 35 is a story of how God holds our enemies accountable for their actions against us, even when we are not living the life that God wants us to live.

The people of Mount Seir, which were the people of Edom, held nothing back when God's children were facing their discipline for their idolatry.  They brought war against the the children of Israel and the children of Judah when they were weak, and planned on taking the two nations for their own.  

Though God was focusing His judgement against the idolatry, He is all-knowing.  He knew the hearts and minds of the Edomites of Mount Seir, and knew of their hatred for His people.  God had enough of this, and sent Ezekiel to prophesy.

Through Ezekiel, God spoke against Mount Seir.  He told the Edomites that He was against them, and would stretch out His Hand against them to make them into desolation and waste.  God said that he would lay their cities waste unto desolation, and then they would know that He was God.

God let them know that this punishment was coming because they loved their enmity and battled with His children at the time of their final punishment for their idolatry.  Therefore, God said he would prepare them for blood.  Bloodshed would pursue them until they were a waste and a desolation.  Their mountains would be filled with their slain, and their hills and valleys would be filled with the bodies of their men of war.  They would become perpetually desolated, uninhabitable.  Then, they would know that He was God.

Their punishment did not end in death.  Because they tried to take the nations of Judah and Israel, God would deal with them according to their anger and envy during the judgement.  They would face God in judgement, and they would know that He was the One True God.

Finally, because the people of Mount Seir rejoiced in Israel's desolation, God would utterly wipe them off of the face of the earth.  While the whole earth rejoices, they would be made desolate.  Mount Seir, Edom, all of it.  Then, the people of the world would know that He is God.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we think that God does not see the evil that comes against us when we are down?  Do we think that God Himself is causing the evil because of our sin?  Do we think that we need to rise up against our accusers and take the situations under our own control?  Do we not realize that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and God of everything in this world and every world in the entire Universe?  Do we let God take his own punishment against our accusers, or do we settle for the limited ways in which we can stand for ourselves?  Do we claim the whole power of God?

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