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Was It An Angel?

John Collins8/3/2012 9:56:00 PMNew research publication available:

At the age of thirty-seven, one night I was praying in my room, and when I'd raised up, I noticed there was a Light on the floor. And looking around to see where it come from, It was coming from above. The Pillar of Fire was hanging just above, and was throwing the Light on the floor. I heard someone walking. I looked; coming through the room, coming into this Light, came a man. In human figure He'd be about two hundred pounds of weight. He had dark hair to His shoulder, an olive complexion. He was bare-footed.

Early in William Marrion Branham's career, and before the description changed of the "angel" from whom Branham claimed to have received his commission, Branham described an "angel" that looked like a middle-eastern man. This "angel" had long, flowing dark hair, olive complexion, and weighed two hundred pounds.

Until the description of the angel changed to other variations in hair color, facial features, and style, Branham continued with the same description of his "angel."

In the very first recorded sermon by William Branham in 1947, young Branham describes meeting Avak the Armenian.

And I have many thousand miles of flying ahead of me. I have... going up on the... plumb from Vancouver, work down the coast as far as California, coming back to Fresno where I'm to go tomorrow, to the Armenian people. They flew a boy, who prays for the sick, by the name of Avak. They brought him from Cairo over to pray for a man by the name of Arkelian.

Avak Hagopian was a world-renown "divine healer" from Armenia, a middle-eastern country bordering Turkey and Iran. His fame in the United States started quickly spreading to the point that he filled six thousand seats in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on September 21, 1947. He just happens to be from the same country as George Lamsa, Branham's acclaimed translator of the "correct" bible.

Avak entered the United States in April, 1947, two months prior to William Branham's first appearance to the newspapers in June, 1947. By September, Avak's fame was quickly spreading, and the people of Los Angeles were eager to see this mysterious dark-haired and olive-skinned man who could heal the sick.

Using an interpreter to translate, Avak is said to have healed over a thousand people in the Shrine Auditorium alone.

Avak Hagopian