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Praising God for His Protection and Safety

Admin User08/01/2012

After Jerusalem's wall had been built, Ezra the scribe read from the Holy Book of the Law, and the people had confessed their sins, Nehemiah 12 describes the dedication of the wall unto the Lord God.

All of the Levites were brought in from their dwellings, so that all could celebrate the dedication with gladness, thanksgivings.  The singers had built villages around Jerusalem, and the sons of the singers were gathered together so that all the people celebrated with cymbals, harps, and lyres.

The priests and the Levites purified themselves, cleansing their hands, hearts, and minds for God's service.  Then, they purified the people, the gates of the wal, and the wall itself.  

Nehemiah then brought the leaders of Judah up to the wall, and appointed two massive choirs to give thanks to the One True God.  One choir went to the Dung Gate at the southeast wall, and marched to the Fountain Gate at the stairs that led up to the Old City of David.  From there, they went to the Water Gate on the east wall within the Old City of David.  In the old city, they brought many of the musical instruments of David.

The other choir went to the north wall above the Tower of the Ovens to the Broad Wall.  From there, they marched above the Gate of Ephraim all the way to the Gate of the Guard.  They offered great sacrifices unto God and rejoiced, and God made them rejoice with great joy.  Even the women and children rejoiced, and the joy of Jerusalem was heard from afar.

The wall of Jerusalem was protection for God's children, but the things made by men's hands will fail.  The things that God protects can never fail.  The people of Jerusalem wanted God to be pleased with their resolution to serve the One True God, and wanted God's blessing on the wall.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we think that our insurance, arms, or strength are our protection?  When we purchase expensive policies or powerful arms for safety, do we pray that God will bless them?  Is our assurance in the things of this world, or the things of God?

  Map - courtesy of from 'Atlas of the Bible Lands' - C S Hammond & Co - 1959.