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Jesus, the Everlasting Covenant

Admin User07/31/2012

Isaiah 42 is a message from God to the children of Israel that He would send His only begotten Son as an everlasting covenant.

God describes the Messiah as His servant, the Chosen One that He would uphold, the One that God's soul was delighted with.  God had put His Spirit upon the Messiah, and the Messiah would bring justice to the nations.

God said the Messiah would not come to the world as a loud and boisterous evangelist, He would not cry out loudly to the people or raise His voice to be heard throughout the streets.  The Messiah would come gentle and soft-spoken.  He would not come to break the already bruised or to put out the fire of the already dying flames.  Nor would the Messiah Himself become faint or discouraged until He had established justice to the earth.

The same God who created the heavens and stretched them out throughout the universe, and who spread the earth and everything that comes from the earth, and who gives the breath of life into all the people, proclaimed the promise of the coming Messiah.  God said that He called the Messiah in righteousness, and would take Him by the hand to keep Him.  He would give the Chosen One as a covenant for the people.  The Messiah would open the eyes that are blind, to free the blinded as prisoners from a dark, cold dungeon.  

God said, "I am Yahweh!  That is my Name!"  He did not give His glory to any other, and did not give his praise to idols.  Therefore, before these things come to pass, God said he would declare them to the people.  The former things would come to pass and the new things were now declared.  

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we praise God for His Son?  Do we accept the everlasting Covenant that was made with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ? Do we open our blind eyes to see the salvation in Christ, or have we become willfully blinded by those crying loudly in the streets?  Do we continue to bruise the already broken down, or do we lift them up and tell them that Christ has come!