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The Nativity ... As Prophesied by Balaam

John Collins7/26/2012 10:52:00 PMA full study of WMB's teachings about Balaam is on our digital bookshelf:

Everybody knows the story of Balaam, though some know only the part about the donkey that spoke to him forbidding him to prophesy against the children of Israel.

Balaam was a diviner, which was condemned in the Laws given to the children of Israel. Deuteronomy 18:10-12 clearly forbids any acts of divination, describing them as something detestable to God, and Leviticus 19:26 says, "You must not practice either divination or soothsaying"

The evil of Balaam through deception is one of the greatest evils in the history of the Bible. Converting the children of God into worshippers of Baal through his trickery, he is compared to the evil deceiver and false prophet that will rise in the last days in the book of Revelation.

As a diviner, Balaam conjured spirits, similar to the witch of Endor or Simon Magnus -- practicing the occult, which is clearly identified with the work of Satan. Diviners have no hesitations to call on the spirits, good or bad. Balaam was no exception.

Balaam used his divining power in an attempt to place a curse upon the children of Israel, but got more than he bargained for. He was face-to-face with the One True God. Yahweh would not allow this evil to befall the children of Israel.

Since he could not place the curse upon the children of Israel, Balaam gave Balak a strategy of infiltrating the camp of Israel with their women of Baal. These women would produce offspring, outnumbering the men of God. In doing this, Balak was able to bring temples of Chemosh (Ba'al-Peor) into the camps of Israel, where they practiced fornication and human sacrifice.

The exact opposite of this story of Balaam, which is considered one of the greatest evils described in the entire Bible, is the story of the Nativity. The Birth of Jesus Christ is the greatest event in the Bible, and should be revered and respected by all Christians -- it is the event that has given them new life.

Branham respected Balaam, however. Why not? Balaam was a "fellow prophet!" Branham considered Balaam to be a misguided prophet, and compared him to the great and mighty Samson. He considered Balaam's "gift" to be directly from God, even though the Mosaic Law was very clear about Balaam's evil.

Balaam, anointed with the same Spirit that was upon Moses. What was the difference? The teaching of Moses was perfect.

Just as Balaam infiltrated the worship of Yahweh by false teachings, Branham wove this false teaching of Balaam throughout his ministry. He did teach that Balaam was a false prophet because of "his fall", but considered him a prophet of God nonetheless.