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Comfort and Strength from the Arm of the Lord

Admin User07/26/2012

Isaiah 51 is a message of comfort and assurance from God.

God asks all who seek Him and pursue righteousness to listen to Him, looking to the Rock from which they were made.  Those who seek Him need only look to their Creator for comfort.

God reminded the people of Abraham and Sarah, how Abraham was but one.  God blessed Abraham, and he multiplied across the land.  He comforts Zion, even to the wastelands.  He makes the wilderness like Eden, and the deserts like gardens of the Lord.  Joy and gladness can be found in Zion, and songs of thanksgiving.

"Give attention to me, my people," God asked.  He promised to send words of justice as a light to the peoples.  His salvation had gone forth, righteousness was drawing near, and His arms judge the peoples of the earth.  Sheltered underneath His arm the people wait.

"Look around you," God said.  The heavens and the earth will vanish and fade away.  They that dwell in it will die in like manner, but His salvation will never fade away.

To those who know righteousness, and keep God's Word, there is no fear of any man.  We should not be dismayed at their attacks towards us, for the moth will eat them like wool.  God's righteousness will last forever.  His salvation will last to all generations.

We should only ask for the Arm of the Lord to awaken and put on strength!  Just in the days of old in the generations of antiquity, when the arm of the Lord parted the sea, God will make a way for His ransomed.  They will have everlasting joy, all sorrow and sighing will flee away.

God is the one who gives us our comfort.  Why would we be afraid of a man who dies, one who fades away like the grass.  They have forgotten the Lord, our Maker, who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth.  Why would we fear one who sets himself to destroy through his oppression?  Those who are bowed down before the Lord will speedily be released.  They will not die, and God will always provide for them.

"I am the Yahweh your God!" God said.  "I stir up the seas so that its waves roar."  Yahweh is His Name!  God said that He puts the words in our mouths and covers us in the shadow of His hand.  He establishes the world around us while saying that we are His people!

God told the children of Israel to wake up.  They had drunk from the cup of wrath from the hand of the Lord.  They knew God's wrath firsthand!  He reminded them of the devastation and destruction that came from His hand.

Now, they were drunk, but not with wine.  God asked those drunken in the spirit to listen to Him.  God pleads the cause of His people.  

He had taken away their cup of wrath, and they would drink from it no more.  That same cup of wrath was given to their tormentors.  It was given to the same tormentors who told them to bow down before them.  God made them like a street for His righteous to walk over.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we fear the wrath of our oppressors?  Do we bow down before them when we are sheltered under the arm of the One True God?  Do we not remember that His hand parted the red sea?  Or His promise to us that will last to all generations?  Do we call upon the Lord during our times of trouble?  Are we established in Him?