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The War Man Cannot See

Admin User07/24/2012

Revelation 12 describes the battle going on that man cannot see.  While we labor here on earth, God is fighting our battles in the heavens.

The archangel, Michael, and his angels fight the dragon.  It is a great and terrible war, the dragon and his angels fighting back.  But in our hope for the victory of God's armies comes our tribulation.

The great dragon is defeated, and cast back down to earth.  The bible describes this dragon for us, so that we can know plainly who is the chief member of the army against the armies of God.  The great dragon is that ancient serpent.  It is called the devil and satan, and he is the deceiver of the whole world.

When defeated, Satan is cast down to earth, because there is no place for him in heaven.  He is conquered by the blood of the Lamb, but there is another factor that we must consider.  He is also conquered by our testimony.  Our love is not for our own lives, but for Jesus Christ who redeemed us.  We loved Christ more than even our own lives.

The Bible says, "Woe unto you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!"  Satan is angered by being cast out of heaven, and his power is not equal to God's.  His wrath will be focused on us.

The battle he rages against us is not one of weapons and physical warfare.  Satan pours his wrath out of his mouth.  John the Revelator describes it as being "poured like a river out of his mouth," meaning that the message that is given will come in the form of the words of deception.  He is called the great deceiver.  Jesus said the end times would be near when the false prophet rises.

His words do not stand.  The earth opens its mouth and swallows the words that will one day fall.  The dragon becomes furious, and goes to make war on the offspring of the great woman, those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.  

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we grumble and complain about the trials that we face from day to day?  Do we not know that the greater battle is being fought for us?  Do we realize that the problems in this world today are because of Satan's defeat, not his rising power?  Do we see the deception rising today, the teachings in the name of Christianity that do not match the words of the Bible?  Do we hold fast to the Bible?  Do we hold to the testimony of Jesus Christ?