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Hello Miss Dog Meat

John Collins7/23/2012 8:22:00 PM

In a recent investigative report by the local news in Jeffersonville, IN about the "Message" organization (the followers of the William Marrion Branham movement), a quote by William Branham himself was played to the public that pointed out his view of women wearing makeup. In this quote, he called the women of his day "dog meat," with the intention that all women wearing these cosmetics should be fed to the dogs.

This view is not isolated to the followers of Branham. Many Christians in other organizations have a very modest appearance, avoiding makeup, clothes that expose any flesh, and avoiding fancy jewelry. There is one difference, however: Other Christian organizations live in harmony with the people around them, regardless of their point of view. Though some ministers may speak out against other Christians and their modern ways, it is isolated and almost forbidden.

Slogans like "What Would Jesus Do?" or "What Would Jesus Say?" have spread around the globe, referring to the gentle, loving way that Jesus Christ issued correction to those who He came in contact with. Bible awareness groups are becoming more and more involved in the Christian world today, and leaders who raise themselves to a platform of dictatorship are becoming few and far between.

Watching the comments flood into the internet message boards regarding this small audio clip by William Branham in the news article, it is very evident that his own followers do not know the true beliefs and intentions of Rev. Branham. Most believe that this quote was an isolated sentence that was scraped out of a loving sermon intended to help Christians on their pathway to glory, and that Branham himself was a loving, gentle man who would never make a doctrine out of calling women "dog meat."

Even the Organization in Jeffersonville, IN posted a response letter to the news article, objecting to the manner in which the quote was presented. Many agreed with the response letter, truly believing that this offensive quote was taken out of context.

What the people don't know: William Branham used this phrase almost forty times throughout his ministry, and this general concept that became a doctrine a countless number of times. This offensive phrase was more "in context" than the followers even know.