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The Deceived Prophets

John Collins07/18/2012

Ezekiel 14 gives warning to the deceived prophet and those who listen to that prophet.

Idolatry had taken over the hearts of the children of Israel, and God was estranged by the many idols that the people had begun to worship.  The Word of the Lord came through Ezekiel to warn the people of their iniquity.  

Through Ezekiel, God told the children of Israel that any person of the house of Israel who worships an idol and still comes to the prophet will be answered by the Lord as though he worshipped a multitude of idols.  God was not going to permit a people to serve both Himself and idolatry.

God spoke, telling the people to repent and turn away from their idols.  Everything that they did that was an abomination before God was evil, and God told them to turn their faces from it.  

Moreover, if the people living in idolatry came before a prophet to inquire of God, God would answer Himself.  God would give the idolater a sign and cut him off from the people.  Through this, the people would know that He was God.

God warned that the idolaters could not even trust the prophets.  God said that he would deceive the prophets, and destroy the prophets before the children of Israel.  The punishment of the prophet and the punishment of the idolator would be alike.

God would let the people know that He was God.  He would not allow the people to serve other Gods, and He would not allow them to go astray.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do the idols of today's world come before God?  Do we become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God?  If we were living in Ezekiel's day, would we fall into the deception of the prophets or would we serve the Living God?  Would we put the word of the deceived prophets through the test of God's Word?  Or do we follow everything we are told by our elders, never testing their words against the scriptures?  Would God let prophets come to deceive us so that He can let the people know that He is God?