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God Hates False, Speak the Truth

John Collins07/17/2012

In Zechariah 8, God reminds His people that He keeps His promises, giving them the commandment to speak the Truth.

God spoke through Zechariah and told his people that he was a jealous God, and was jealous with great wrath.  Though God had disciplined His children for their iniquity, He assured them that He still loved them.  He would return to Zion and dwell with the people.  Jerusalem would one day be called the faithful city, and Zion the Holy Mountain.

God said that the men and women would grow old peacefully, sitting in the streets and watching the children play.  He would save His people from opposing countries, and bring them into Israel where they would be His people and He would be their God.  They would dwell in faithfulness and righteousness.

God told His people to become strong by hearing His Word through the mouths of the prophets.  They were laying the foundation for the temple that would one day be built.  In the days of the prophets, there was very little provisions for man or his animals, and they would not live at peace in safety.  God set every man against his neighbor, and allowed enemies to infiltrate their dwelling places.  But that day had ended.

God said that he would no longer deal with Israel as He did in times past.  Peace would start to be sown, and one day that vine of peace would start yielding fruit.  As they had been a cursing among the nations, God would save them and they would become a blessing.  

As God brought disaster to them when their fathers provoked Him to wrath, He did not relent from that wrath.  Just as God did not relent in wrath, He promised to bring peace.  

God had one command:  Speak the Truth.  Make judgement for truth and for peace.  Do not plan evil against one another, and do not find pleasure in any falsehood.  God declared that He hates false things.  

God spoke through Zechariah declaring the fasts.  At the end of the fast, there would be seasons of joy and gladness.  They would have cheerful feasts.  God told them therefore to love Truth and peace.

God said that people would come to look for His favor.  Many people from many strong nations would come to seek Him in Jerusalem, looking for God's favor.  They would be known as God's people, and men from every nation would ask to be with them, for they would hear that God is with them.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we speak the Truth?  If there are things that even we ourselves question, do we seek out the Truth and speak it with assurance?  If we find it to be a lie, do we continue to speak it for popularity or monetary gain?  Is the war and turmoil around us because of other's evil, or is it because we have not spoken God's Truth?