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His Steadfast Love

John Collins07/04/2012
Psalm 130 tells of God's steadfast love.

I cry out to you, Lord God, and ask that you please hear my voice.  Please listen for my plea for mercy.

If you were to keep track of my iniquity, who in this world could stand?  But you, Lord, offer forgiveness so that we will fear the One True God.

I wait on you lord, and your Word gives me hope.  Like the watchmen waiting for the morning, I can count on you even more.

People, put your hope and trust in the Lord!  With Him there is steadfast love, and plenty of redemption!  He will redeem his people from all iniquity!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we plead daily for the lord to have mercy on our sinful ways?  Do we thank Him that He so freely forgives?  Do we find hope in God's Word?