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The Destruction of the Prideful

John Collins07/01/2012
Obadiah tells us about the humbling of Edom.

The Lord God spoke through Obadiah, saying that he had been sent as a messenger among the nations to prepare them for battle.  Their pride had consumed them, and God would make them small compared to the other nations. 

The Edomites lived in the clefts of the mountains, and their dwellings were at a very high altitude.  They felt secure in their city, saying "Who can bring us to the ground?"

God said that though they soar like the eagle, and though their nest was set in high places, they would be brought down.  God declared it.

They were not only prideful, but consumed by their wealth.  God said that if thieves came in the night, they would have been devastated.  Though the thieves would only have stole enough for themselves, their pride would have fallen.

God gave them a parallel about those who would rob a vineyard.  Though they would steal from the vineyard, the thieves of their time would have left enough for the owner.  Edom had placed too much pride on their material wealth.

God reminded them about their father Esau, who sold his birthright.  The Edomites were boastful to God for having great wealth and prosperity when their father had no birthright.  God said that their treasures had been sought out.

The allies of the Edomites had turned against them, leaving them bound within their cities.  Their peaceful neighboring cities had deceived them and had prevailed.  Those that had commerce with the Edomites had set a trap for them, and they were unaware.

The Lord declared that on that day He would destroy the wise men of Edom.  The mighty men would be dismayed because every man from Mount Esau would be slaughtered.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Does our pride consume us?  In this day of the material world, do we let our possessions turn our hearts and minds away from God?  Is God displeased with our prideful ways?  When He returns in judgement, will he destroy us?