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The God of Judgement

John Collins06/28/2012
Psalm 50 reminds us that we serve not only a loving God of peace, but a God of judgement that is deserving of our praise.

God spoke and set the earth before the sun from the rising to the sunset.  He shines his perfection of beauty out of Zion.

The Lord God will come and will not keep silent.  A great fire will devour everything before him and it will be tempestuous all about.  God will call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that He may judge his people.  He will gather His saints that made a covenant to Him by sacrifice.  The heavens shall declare His righteousness, for God is the Judge.

The writer says, "Listen to God, and He will speak.  He will testify against Israel, for he is thy God."  He would not reprove them for their sacrifice or burnt offerings continually before God.  He would not take their livestock.  Every animal in the forest is His, as well as the cattle upon a thousand hills.  He knows all of the birds flying in the mountaintops, and the wild animals of the fields are all His.  

If God were hungry, he would not tell them, because the world is His and the fulness of the world.  Does God eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats?  Their offering to God was for thanksgiving and they were paying their vows to the God most High.

Call on Him in the day of trouble, and He would deliver them.  They would glorify God. 

But unto the wicked God asked what they had to do to declare His statutes or take His covenant.  They hated instruction and had left God's Word behind.  When they saw a thief, they joined in his wickedness and had been partakers with adulterers.  Their mouth was given to evil and their tongue to deceit.  They spoke against their brothers, slandering the son of their own mother.

All of this evil was done, yet God kept His silence.  They thought that God was on their side, but He would reprove them and set them in order before their eyes.

Consider this, you that forget God.  Otherwise, God will tear you in pieces and there will be none to deliver you.  

Whoever offers praise to God glorifies Him.  Those that keep their conversation right with God will be shown the salvation of God.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we forget that our loving God is also a God of judgement?  Now that Christ has came and the confession of our sins puts them under His blood, do we confess them?  Do we consider ALL of the sixty-seven sins listed in the New Testament, or do we simply pick and choose the few that are easy for us to keep?  Is God keeping His silence about our uncovered sin?  Do we offer praise to God?  Do we keep our conversation right with God?