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The Story of the Exodus

John Collins6/24/2012 1:52:00 PMGod's children had became complacent. In a land that was not their home, they became familiar with the ways of the people around them.

Great men were in this land, powerful men that seemed to provide protection and provision. Generation after generation living enslaved to the ways of the belief system of of a leader who supplied their needs.

The younger generation never questioned why the people stayed. Their fathers never questioned why they stayed. That was the way their fathers believed to be right and just, and there was no need to create conflict. Their father's decisions and their father's father's decisions must have been correct.

It was not always slavery. Life was good from the beginning. The leader was a great man, one that could be entrusted with the welfare of all the people. Some of his ways were different, and some of his beliefs did not match theirs, but the results of the work of his hands were tremendous. How could someone who did so many good works lead the people in the wrong direction?

The number of God's children were growing. They multiplied quickly, to an almost countless number. The people of the land, though they seemed good, were growing afraid at the large number of God's children.

God's Truth was suppressed. The people were beaten down, led to believe that they were inferior to the mighty leader of the people. His god was greater than theirs, or so he tried to lead them to believe. The beaten down children of God asked no questions. Their number was large enough to stage a massive revolt, but did not question the authority of the leaders.

One day, God sent a man who changed everything. He was not afraid to call "right" right and "wrong" wrong. He had been conditioned by God to speak the Truth. He reminded the people that there was One True God, and though the leaders of the people of the land gave them a "comfort zone," they were turning towards idolatry. They could not keep the ways of their forefathers and the ways of those who worshipped anything besides the One True God.

I will not tell you the name of that man that God sent. But I'm so glad that God sent him and gave me the grace and understanding to find him. He pointed me back to Christ back to the Bible. Not to worship him or even to consider him anything greater than a mortal man. His writings pointed me back to God.

Those reading this story may see a similarity between my experience and a familiar story in the Bible. That may be. But this man filled with God's grace would never compare himself to Moses. Moses spoke directly with God, while like me, God spoke directly to this man's heart.

To the unnamed man, thank you. Thank you for humbling yourself enough to put yourself out of the way and let God lead you.

I pray that I can keep myself out of the way in the work that I do, and let God lead me in the same way.

To God be the Glory!