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Give Glory Unto The Lord

John Collins06/22/2012
Psalm 29 says to give Glory unto the Lord.

He tells the mighty, the sons of God to give glory and strength unto the Lord.  Glorify his name with praise, and worship the Lord with holiness.

God's voice is powerful, like the mighty raging waters.  His voice thunders and is full of majesty.

Through the power of his voice, he can break the trees, even the trees of the mighty nations.  He can make the nations skip like a calf and bring forth mighty flashes of fire.  

His voice shakes the wilderness and makes the animals give birth.  His voice can also strip the forests bare and make the people in His temple all cry "Glory!"

He sits on the mighty flood as his throne, and is enthroned as King forever.

May the Lord give strength to His people, and bless them with peace!

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we give Glory unto the Lord!  Do we see His mighty works in the raging storm or the fierce waters of the flood?  When He speaks, do we feel the power of His voice?  Do we worship Him as King?  Do we pray for peace to His people?