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God Loves All Mankind

John Collins06/21/2012
Numbers 12 tells how God loves all mankind, no matter what race.  By the blood of one man comes all mankind.

Miriam and Aaron did not like the fact that Moses married an Ethiopian woman, an interracial bond between a black woman and a Hebrew.  They crossed the line when they spoke against God, saying "Are we not prophets of God also?" 

They were speaking against Moses as though they had instruction from God against interracial marriage.  The Lord heard it and was not pleased.

To make matters worse, Moses was very meek.  He would not have stood up for himself in this matter.  The scripture says that he was more meek than any men on the face of the earth.

God called Moses, Aaron, and Miriam out to speak to them, and let them know that He was God and that He did not like what they were doing.  He told them that if there was to be a prophet among them, He would make them known in a vision and a dream.  But with Moses, things were different.  He would speak to Moses directly, because Moses was the most faithful in all of God's house.

Mariam, who was speaking against the black-skinned Ethiopian, started to become white as snow with leprosy.  It was as though God decided that if Miriam would speak against the black skin of Moses' wife, he would make Miriam really white!

Racism is not new to this generation.  Solomon's wife also struggled because she was dark-skinned.  Song of Solomon tells how others stared at her because she was black.  Even her own brothers mistreated her, making her keeper of the vineyards while her own vineyard was not even kept.  She asked, "why should I be like one who veils herself?"

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we treat other races of people differently?  Do we scorn the ones who marry outside of their race like Miriam and Aaron?  Do we stare at them and make them uncomfortable like Solomon's wife?  Do we mistreat them, giving them the more tasks so that we have a little more time?  If God were to call us out to speak to us directly today, would he smite us with leprosy?