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Going Through Trials Without Complaining

John Collins06/18/2012
Psalm 39 says to guard our ways so that we do not sin with our tongues.

David says that he will guard his mouth with a muzzle while the wicked are in his presence.  He was mute and silent, and held his peace to no avail.  His heart became hot within himself, to the point in which he could no longer contain.  Then, he spoke.

"Lord, " he said, "make me know my end, and the length of my days."  He wanted to know how much longer he had to endure his trials.  He asked the Lord what he waited for, and begged the Lord to deliver him from his transgressions.  

David cried out to the Lord that he was spent by the hostility of His hand.  He was rebuked for sin, and consumed like a moth consumes the cloth.  "Surely all mankind is but a mere breath!" he exclaimed.

He asked God to hear his prayer and not withhold His peace.  He was a sojourner with God, a guest like his fathers.  David prayed, "Look away from me so that I may smile again before I die."

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we guard our ways so that we do not sin by the words we speak?  When the wicked are in our presence, do we remain silent and hold peace, or do we lash our against them in anger?  Do we sin against God by asking Him to remove us from our trials?  Do we serve God with the cross we are given to bear?