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Is It Impossible To Believe All The Message?

John Collins6/16/2012 9:47:00 AMAn interesting thought came to me this morning: Is it impossible to believe ALL the message? Is that why there are so many different 'sects' in the message from church to church and even within the same church?

Some believe that Jesus was not God until the spirit descended like a dove, just as WMB taught. They believe that God left Jesus before he died on the cross, which would leave only a man dying from our sins -- just as WMB taught.

WMB also taught that he was Emmanuel laying as a baby in a manger, and that God's only Son died on the cross for us, which is scriptural. These two teachings conflict with each other, creating divisions in the church!

Those of the latter group know that if only a man died on the cross, then there is no salvation for us, and those that believe the former hold to the words of WMB over the words of the scripture. Neither can agree.

Some believe that WMB will "ride this trail again" with a large healing ministry and the largest tent ... ever. They think that thousands will be healed right before they are given their new bodies or others cast into utter destruction.

Others know that WMB could not rise from the dead before the resurrection, that would make him equal to Jesus Christ Himself. The realize that there would be no need to heal the new body that we will be given, and that the first group does not make scriptural sense.

This could go on and on and on. When WMB preached to the various groups, he tailored to their belief system. He preached trinitarian to the trinitarians, and oneness to those who believed Jesus sat at his own right hand. All is recorded, and the recordings are considered by all in the Branham following to be 'new scripture', and that you must understand the Bible 'through' the 'message'.

The scripture is true when it says, "How can two walk together unless they agree." That is exactly why there are so many divisions among the MSG churches. It also says that "If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who can prepare themselves."

If God built his army through William Branham, why did he build armies to civil war? Why would God want some to believe God's Son died for us unto salvation, while he instructed others to teach "some other Jesus?"

And if the teaching breeds conflicting decisions on salvation, is it impossible to believe ALL the message?