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The Coming King

John Collins06/14/2012
Zechariah prophesied of the coming King in Zechariah 9

He told the people to rejoice, shouting praises loudly.  The King was coming, and bringing righteousness and salvation with Him.

He would be mounted on a colt, the foal of a donkey, yet he would cut off the chariots and war horses.  The weapons of battle would be cut off through his speaking of peace through the nations, and He would rule from sea to sea.  

Because of the sacrifice, prisoners would be set free from the pits of hell.  He would restore hope in double-portion.

Judah would be like the bow shooting Ephraim as its arrow.  The arrow would stir up the future generations of Israel and Greece, and the Lord would save His people.

When the Lord appeared, the arrow would go forth like lightening, and the sounding of a trumpet.  Those rising would tread down the wicked and the Lord of hosts would protect them.  They would drink and make loud noise as if they were drunk with new wine, and they would be filled to overflowing.  

On that day, the Lord God would save them.  They were His flock, and jewels in His crown.  They would shine upon His land proclaiming His goodness and beauty.  Their famine would cease.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we looking forward to the second coming of the King?  Have we prepared ourselves with His Word?  Will He tell us that we have shined brightly upon the land proclaiming Him, or have we been dimly proclaiming something else?  

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