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Highway to Heaven

John Collins06/13/2012
Isaiah 35 describes how the ransomed will return.  A highway of holiness provided for the saved.

The barren wilderness and the dry land will be glad, the desert will blossom like a flower.  The ransomed will see the glory of the Lord God, who will strengthen the weak and take the fear away from those with feeble knees. 

God will come with vengeance to save the ransomed.  The blind eyes will be opened, the deaf will hear again.  The lame will leap to their feet and the mute will sing praises to God.  Waters and streams will break through the wilderness once haunted by jackals, turning it into beautiful pools and springs.  

There will be a highway there, that will be called the Way of Holiness.  The unclean will not pass over the highway, it will be only for the ransomed.  Even if they are fools, wandering from side to side, they will not go astray.

Nothing will touch those travelling.  No lions will attack, no ravenous will seek their prey.  Only the redeemed will be walking on the highway.

They will travel the highway and enter into Zion with singing and rejoicing.  Everlasting joy will fill them.  All sorrows will be past.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we on the highway of holiness?  Do we worry and doubt when attackers come against us, when they cannot enter the highway?  Do we speak out against others on the highway, or do we help them to their feet when they stumble and fall?  Do we stop in the middle of the road when a man rises up to point others to the road, looking backwards at the man instead of onward to Zion?