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The Beauty Contest

John Collins06/11/2012
When King Ahasuerus appointed men to find a beautiful young virgin in Esther 2, Esther made herself ready.

She had a beautiful figure and natural beauty, so she was quickly in favor by those in charge of the king's decree.  She was provided with cosmetics, fine oils and spices, and seven young women to help her.

As was custom, she was given twelve months to beautify herself with her training and cosmetics.  She was preparing for one of the greatest beauty contests of all time, with the king as her reward.  The king's appointed provided her with the finest of everything, allowing her to make herself even more beautiful than her already natural beauty.

When it came time for Esther to be presented before the king, Esther was very humble.  The custom would have allowed her to ask anything, but she asked for nothing except what Hegai advised to bring with her.  Her beauty would speak for itself.

The king was immediately in love when he saw Esther.  She had won grace and favor in his eyes, favor above all the other women in the beauty contest.  He took the royal crown and placed it upon her head, deeming her the winner and the queen.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do our Christian women present themselves beautiful before their husbands?  Do they capture the husband's eyes as Esther captured the king's?  Do we, as Christians, make ourselves beautiful before Christ?  Do we prepare ourselves for Him, with the internal cleansing of the soul?  When Christ comes again, will he find us beautiful in His eyes?  Will we be given the crown of Glory?