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The Mighty Power of God

John Collins06/08/2012
After Habakkuk prophesied against the Chaldeans, he cried out unto God in Habakkuk 3.

He had heard how that God come against Teman, and the mighty armies that fell by the sword.  He had heard about God shining forth His Glory from Mount Paran with the ten thousands of His holy ones and flaming fire at His right hand.  God's splendor covered the heavens.  His Glory was shining forth from his hands like rays from the sun.  Before Him went pestilence, and after Him came plagues.

As He stood there, God measured the earth and shook the nations.  Mountains were scattered and hills sank low.  The people of Cushan suffered affliction and the land of Midian trembled.  

It looked like God took judgment against the rivers and the sea as God's chariot came through.  The earth was split with rivers and the mountains twisted like snakes.  Raging waters swept in and the deep cried out.  The sun and moon hung still in their place after shooting through the sky into place.  

God marched through the earth in fury, thrashing the nations as he passed by.  He went from nation to nation for the salvation of His people, crushing the heads of the wicked and trampling down their warriors.

Habakkuk trembled at the mighty power of God, lips quivering and legs shaking.  Yet after all of this awesome power and majesty, Habakkuk said that he waited quietly for the day when people would again come to invade.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Are we in awe at the mighty power of God?  As a people living in His Love, do we sometimes forget that He is also the mighty conquerer?  Do we ever stop to think about what a beautiful sight the creation would have been, how the stars and the planets shot into place like arrows from a bow?  Or do we think about how God is passing through all the nations for the salvation of His people?  Do we sit in fear of the coming wars and rumors of wars, or do we sit patiently like Habakkuk with the comfort of God on his side?