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Miracles for Sale

John Collins6/7/2012 10:05:00 AMA very excellent documentary puts the entire faith healing ministry into perspective.

God heals those who have faith, and our bodies have been given a makeup to allow our healing. All healed in these meetings are healed by God, however all charlatans that misuse this gift from God are doing an injustice to the Lord's service.

Well worth watching if you have time:
Warning: Has a few instances of inappropriate language

After you watch this, think about the belief system of the Pricillianists that were defended by St. Martin, the group that WMB called the "little bride of his day," who believed it was OK to lie for the purpose of a holy end. Gnostics that had parted from the ways of Christ.

Have these charlatans of today gone the way of the Pricillianists?