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Blessings for Obedience

John Collins06/07/2012
After Moses covered the Mosaic Law, and then described the curses to be given on the mountain, Deuteronomy 33 describes the blessings the children of Israel would receive for faithfully obeying the Law.

The people would be set high above all the nations of the earth.  They would be so blessed that the blessings would overtake them, if they obeyed the voice of the Lord God.

Those in the city would be blessed, and those in the fields.  Their sons and daughters would be blessed, and all that they planted in the ground would be blessed.  Even the fruit of their cattle would be blessed, and their herds would increase.  Their baskets and kneading bowls would be blessed, producing good food to eat.  Everywhere they go, they would be blessed.

Their enemies that would rise would be defeated before them.  An army gathering together against them would scatter, fleeing in separate ways.  They would be blessed in their barns, and all that they set out to accomplish.  They would be blessed in the land that the Lord God would be giving them as they crossed into the Holy Land.

They would be established as a holy people for God if they kept the commandments and walked in the way of the Lord.  All the people of earth would see that they were called by the name of the Lord and be afraid of them.  The Lord would give them prosperity of everything, from their children to the offspring of their livestock, to the fruit they planted in the ground within the land that the Lord was giving them.

The Lord would open his treasury, the heavens, to give them rain in its season to bless the work of their hands.  They would have plenty, lending to many nations but never needing to borrow.  The Lord would make them the head and not the tail, going only up in stature and never down, if they obey the commandments of the Lord God.

Moses warned them to be careful to do the things written in the Law, not turning aside from any of the commandments or to find other gods to serve them.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we ever stop to consider all of the many things Moses commanded the people, and the curses that they endured under the Law?  How often do we thank Jesus Christ for redeeming us from the curse of the Law?  Have we ever considered how hard it must have been to keep these commandments, stoning children for disobeying or cutting off the hands of people we know and love?  Are we thankful to these people that kept the Mosaic Law down through the ages until the Law failed, setting up the situation for Jesus Christ to come and redeem us?  Do we praise Jesus for dying on the cross so that we can receive His blessings without the penalties of the Law?