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Sharing the Load With Others

John Collins05/27/2012
Galations 6 teaches us how we should bear each other's burdens, so that we are not bearing them alone.

If any one is caught in any transgression, those who are spiritual should help that person until they are restored into a spirit of gentleness.  We have to be careful, however, so that we are not tempted while we are helping them.

We must bear each other's burdens, and in doing so, we fulfill the law of Christ.  If any person thinks that he is something special, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.  Every person should test his own work, and then he can boast within himself and not boast to his neighbor.  Each will have their own load to bear, not just the one boasting.

Some people are taught the Word of God, and know it very well.  Those people should share the good things in the Word with the one who has the burden of teaching.  The teacher, or nobody else should be deceived.  Whatever that teacher sows he will also reap.  The teacher who teaches the things of the flesh will reap corruption, but the one who teaches the things from the Spirit will reap eternal life.  

In all of this, we should not tire of doing good.  When the time comes, we will reap the good things unless we give up.  Since we have an opportunity, we should do good to everyone.  We should especially do good to those who have faith in Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we share the burdens of those who are in transgression to help restore them to gentleness?  Do we even share the burdens of those doing good?  Do we think that because we have a gift of teaching, we also have a gift of knowledge in the Word?  Do we listen to those who study the Word before we teach?  Do we spread legalism and other things of the flesh, when we will reap the same legalism?  When we have the opportunity, do we choose to do good for others?