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Response to WHAS comments

John Collins5/24/2012 5:13:00 PMThis response sent in to the WHAS comments from a friend who is anonymous for now:


I read through some of these comments over the weekend and as someone who came out of this and is now on my own journey of healing from the damage it created in my own life-I took some days to ponder, digest this and let God remove the anger that was triggered by the judgmental, harsh and very non-christian attacks against this man. I think from reading many of the post the thing that is lacking is that many must not be taking things to God in prayer before they posts the hate that is just spewing so uncontollably from their lips.

I was raised in the the teachings of William Branham myself and I know that it left me in a state of being a complete mess with more questions than answers, more doubt than faith, more hate than love, more of an unforgiving heart than an ability to forgive, more of a judgemental attitude than one who saw that by grace we can be saved. It left me being feeling more negativity than living in joy. As I read the posts and how many would say things, like this man is possessed of the devil or this man is just atomic fodder. Sadly, these are the many very, very, very common quotes used in this teaching when someone is not following the Branham structure.

I have been reading my Bible more the past few months and what amazes me is SEEING JESUS FOR THE FIRST TIME, not a man built up my man as some kind of idol. I challenge all of you to put Jesus on one side of the equation and his ministry in his life on earth and then put your prophet on the other. Not only should you look at the difference in how Jesus spoke to the sinners and how HE LOVED THEM but I challenge you to look at what came out of his teaching.....the believers and what they stood for. Their message was not one of hate. They devoted their lives to discipleship and leading others to Christ by love and Grace, not hate and fear of wrath and judgment.

Can you really say after listening to the sermons of Branham and what comes out of it that these people are like the disciples and the many who gave their life for Christ. Can you say you would give your life for Christ or-----after reading how defensive so many are for this prophet that instead you would drink the Jones Kool-Aid for your prophet. Save me from coming back with threats that I am blaspheming on God-remember I was raised in the Message and I KNOW all the mind games that come from this. I don't fear the words of the many in the Message anymore. The only one I care to please is Jesus. Your prophet would say things like "look at your Shepherd and you will know what kind he is by the sheep." That should be enough said. Check your hearts, do you have more love or hate, more grace or a critical spirit, do you live a life others desire or ones they look at and want nothing to do with.

When I left and was on the outside looking in, I would see the followers of the Message. The ones that came in after I left that didn't know who I was. It gave me a way of getting a clear view of their behaviors without them having a need to put on their facades. I saw women in the grocery store and I NEVER saw any of them that looked happy. They carried themselves like they were in bondage to their legalism. And at one point I was them and when my life fell apart because of all those learned beliefs I realized it had been years of living that way that shattered my life. Anyone can follow a code of legalism for life, but what does that do to your soul when one carries themselves that they are arrogant and above others because they think they have something the "world" doesn't have, when in fact the world doesn't want this, not because it's not for them because they are evil are misguided but because they see the unhappiness in the way these people carry themselves.

And for the person who spoke of how Godly your lives are, with no divorces or committing adultery, no drinking, drugs and all the other sin in the's in your churches more than you even know, it's just ALWAYS swept under the rug so not to bring a reproach on your wonderful message. Look at the church recently with the pastor who's daughter sexually abused a child for YEARS and the pastor and his son in law assistant pastor knew and did nothing. They buried it, let it go on and didn't even protect the child enough or let the parents know what was taking place.

I saw so many, many cases of this in the Message throughout my years growing up in it so save those stories for the unaware people out there. But this is why there are those that are standing up against it-to save others from the lies, deception and hurt that lays in wait in these churches. And you ask, why are so many afraid to come out and say who they are-because we know the repreccusions. We know that people will slander us to save face for their cult. It's been done to me as well.

We aren't ashamed so much to stand up against what this is about, we just know the personal attacks and ways of discrediting the person know no bounds in how far the Branham followers will go to protect their cult. I really pray you will read this and actually pray about what has been said and not just come back with your personal attacks. It took me a few days to allow God to help me write the words so I was not just impulsively writing from a place of anger as so many have done on this site. God Bless!