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The Heritage of Being God's Servant

John Collins05/22/2012
Isaiah 54 speaks of God's covenant of peace with his children.

He says to sing and rejoice, be glad in your trouble.  The children of desolation will be greater in number than the children of the bride.

They will be scattered across the nations, filling the desolate cities.  "In this do not fear", He said, they will not be disgraced.  Their Maker is their husband, and the Lord of Hosts is His name.  The Holy One of Israel is the Redeemer, the God of the whole earth.

The Lord has called to his bride, like a deserted and grieving wife.  For a brief moment the Lord deserted them, but with great compassion will they be gathered.  With overflowing anger He hid his face, but with everlasting Love He will have compassion on them.

As a covenant, like the covenant made to Noah, God swore not to be angry with them or rebuke them.  The mountains may depart and the hills removed, but His steadfast love will not depart.

He will gather them together, and the children will be taught by the Lord.  There will be peace for the children.  

"If anyone stirs up strife," He said, "it is not from Me."  Those that stir strife will fall.  God created the smith that produces the weapons, and also created the ravager to destroy.  No weapon against them will proceed, and they will refute every tongue that rises against you in the judgement.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their vindication of the Lord.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  Do we hold fast to this promise?  Do we sing, rejoice, and be glad in trouble?  Do we stand in the Word of God without fear, or do we cower in defeat?  Do we accept God's covenant that he will protect us?  Do we realize that our Creator created the enemy forces as well as ourselves?  Do we claim the heritage of being His servant?

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