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The Municipal Bridge Prophecy

John Collins5/21/2012 11:36:00 AMI was asked about this "vision" from another person, and realized that it was not listed in a thread of its own.

Many have researched this one, and found it to be a historical fact for another bridge that was constructed before WMB was born.

Here's the first WMB quote about the topic:
E-44 Now, that's the way the gift is supposed to be working. See? Now, I want you to notice this. It wasn't my sincere prayer that brought this gift. Gifts are not brought by sincere prayers. Gifts are foreordained of God. They're ordained and sent.
Here at the Municipal Bridge. Sister, no doubt you know where the Municipal Bridge is, don't you, cross from Jeffersonville to Louisville?
Twenty-two years, when I was a little boy, just a little bitty lad about five years old, or six years old, when the Angel of the Lord appeared in the bush... You've heard me tell that haven't you, when I was packing water?
Well, about two weeks after that, I was playing marbles with my little brother. And I thought I'd got sick, some real funny feeling came on me. And I went and set down by the side of a tree. And I looked down at the river, and there went a bridge, a big, great big bridge going across the river. And I counted sixteen men that fell off of that bridge and drowned. And I went and told mother. And I told her I seen it. And they thought I was crazy or something. They thought I was just at a little nervous hysterical child.
And twenty-two years from that time, on the same ground went the Municipal Bridge across, and sixteen men lost their lives on it. See? Wasn't nothing that... It's--it's God sent it. Your prayers brought it. See?

This refers to the Second Street Bridge, which is told about here (the article tells that the name was originally the Municipal Bridge):

Another Jeffersonville bridge, the Big Four Railroad bridge, did have fatalities associated with its construction, which you can read here:

The article states, "The Big Four Bridge would be the only Louisville bridge with serious accidents during its building; thirty-seven individuals died during its construction." These fatalities were divided, with 12 taking place during the laying of the foundation, near the October 1888 beginning of construction. Several months later, another 4 workmen were drowned. This would give a total of sixteen drowning victims- but this bridge was completed before WMB was born. Did he perhaps read of these sixteen men being drowned? There is no way to say. Then again, more workmen drowned before this bridge was completed, for a total of thirty-seven individuals.

I was wondering if the sixteen men drowned happened at another time, not during the construction, but the Voice of Healing magazine article written by WMB confirms they were supposed to have been workmen constructing the bridge.

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