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The Overpriced Cardboard Suitcase of Idolatry

John Collins5/19/2012 6:46:00 PMFunny how the merchandise sold by "The Organization" were described as "very little above cost" when you consider the cardboard box. Maybe five dollars worth of content, sold for a ridiculous amount.

What's funnier than that? The fact that they took the product offline and forgot to remove it from the product list!

Since it will probably be removed when they figure out they missed the "picture page", I'm listing the contents and price here:
We all know Brother Branham as God's prophet. He was chosen by God to reveal the deepest secrets hidden within the pages of the Bible. But Brother Branham was also a man with feelings, hobbies, and his own style. We pray that these small tokens will give you a glimpse into the personal life of this very special man of God. The suitcase is an exact replica of Brother Branham's suitcase that he used to travel around the world. Among other treasures, there is a piece of the floor from Brother Branham's den room. This is the same floor that the Angel of the Lord stood upon when he revealed the Seven Seals.

Den room wood floor
Brother Branham's passport
Bumblebee popper fishing fly
Royal Coachman fishing fly
Barlow pocket knife
"BILL" belt buckle
.270 bullet (no powder)
Prayer card
Prayer cloth and letter
Brother Branham's business card
Explanation booklet with rare pictures of Brother Branham

Price: $35.00 + Shipping