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Serving God's Purpose

John Collins05/17/2012
In Psalm 88, David cries out to the Lord God.  

He was ex-communicated, shunned from all that he knew and loved.  He begged God for mercy, asking the Lord to hear his cry.

He was very troubled in his soul, and felt as though his life were drawing near to hell.  His life was as though he were dead, forgotten and remembered no more.

He said that his companions had shunned him, and that he was now a horror to them.  Every day he called out unto the Lord, spreading his hands out for mercy.  He asked the Lord that if he died, would the departed rise up to praise God?  Was God's steadfast love declared in the grave?

David cried unto the Lord, but felt like God had hid His face.  He felt suffering and helpless, and felt like the wrath of God had swept over him.  He said, "You have caused my beloved and my friend to shun me, and my companions have become darkness."

David's struggles were some of his own, but mostly with the evil in his family.  His many wives and children were constantly in fierce competition with each other within the family. One of David's sons, Amnon, assaulted his step sister Tamar, for which the girl's brother Absalom killed him. Absalom later attempted to take over the kingdom from his father David which triggered a civil war.

Despite his human faults, David was always a dedicated and repentant man of God who served God's purpose.  Jesus Christ would later be known as the "Son of David."

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  When things are not going smoothly, do we groan and complain?  When God places it upon our hearts to serve Him, and we know that we will be ex-communicated by those not serving the Lord, do we do it?  Do we pray for God's guidance while we suffer trials, or do we walk away from Him and leave everything behind?  Are we serving God and His purpose in our lives?