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The Truth Will Stand Against Scrutiny

John Collins5/15/2012 3:39:00 PMI was taught by my local Jeffersonville MSG pastor for YEARS that the "truth will stand against all scrutiny."

When the first discrepancy was found between what WMB claimed and what actually happened, I questioned. Asking that same gentle-spirited MSG pastor why the two did not match, gentle spirit turned into anger because of simply questioning.

Rather than give reasoning for the truth, his response was "people have known about these things for years! What does it hurt for you to believe it and keep quiet?"

Now, when news articles appear, I watch the forums and responses. Rather than supply answers to questions, they call names, discredit me, and the "leader of the organization" even slanders me to the news company.

Exactly WHAT will stand against scrutiny? This forum is PACKED with questions that have no answers. Why will no one offer some article from before 1947 since WMB claimed to have "hundreds of newspaper articles up into Canada." Why no little notebook paper with scribbled visions from 1933?

Why is everyone so afraid of exposure if the "Truth will stand against all scrutiny?"