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The Bully on the Platform

John Collins5/15/2012 10:13:00 PMSomebody asked me to compare the "Man Sent from God" version of the bully that came to the platform with WMB's later accounts to see if they match.

Though they are close, there are some differences:

Man Sent From God - It's all about the faith of the people. All joining in prayer.
53-1120 DEMONOLOGY - It's all about WMB.

Man Sent From God - Wasn't insane
53-1120 DEMONOLOGY - Out of an insane institution

Man Sent From God - "Fall AT my feet"
53-1120 DEMONOLOGY - "Fall ON my feet"

Man Sent From God - "Fall AT my feet"
53-1120 DEMONOLOGY - "Fall ON my feet"

Man Sent From God - Walked calmly from the platform
53-1120 DEMONOLOGY - Police pried the man from his feet

A Man Sent from God:
As the audience listened with rapt attention to the slight little figure on the platform,
perhaps only one anticipated the startling drama that was about to unfold. Certainly the director had no such intuition, and the interruption which was about to occur could not have been more unwelcome. For suddenly our attention was directed to a man far back in the building who was making rapid strides, apparently in the direction of the platform. At first we supposed that some emergency had arisen; perhaps someone had fainted or had taken seriously ill in the auditorium. But as he drew near, we observed with no little misgiving that his countenance bore a demoniac grin, as to suggest that the man was demented, or violently insane, and apparently had broken away from those who had him in their care. We were to learn later what indeed would have been more disturbing had we known it at the time, that the man was not insane, in that he did not know what he was doing, but was a notorious and vicious character who had previously run afoul of the law for disturbing and breaking up religious services. Jail sentences had not taught him a lesson, and now seeing his opportunity to cause a large commotion and again break up a service, he had come forward for that purpose.

Up the steps he strode without pausing. Now he was on the platform assuming a menacing attitude that by this time was attracting the attention of the entire congregation. Two sturdy policemen standing in the wings, becoming aware of the distraction, were about to come forward and lay hands on this disturber, but we could see that this would result in a scuffle and the excitement created could well ruin the service. Moreover, the evangelist had apparently put himself on the spot for he had just declared that all things were possible to him that believed, and that God would always back up His servants who put their trust in Him. Indeed, the meeting had reached such a high state of expectation, that reliance on the officers of the law, though perhaps entirely justifiable in the present instance, did not seem to be the Divine order. We knew nothing else to do but to hastily wave the officers back, and call attention to the evangelist as to what was taking place. But he himself was already conscious that something was wrong. Speaking quietly to the audience and requesting that the people unite with him in silent prayer, he turned to meet the strange challenge of this evil antagonist.

As he did so, the man with the evil gleam on his countenance, which reminded one of the hideous grins the heathen engrave on the faces of their idols, began to impudently accuse and curse the speaker. "You are of the devil, and deceiving the people," he shouted, "an impostor, a snake in the grass, a fake, and I am going to show these people that you are!" It was a bold challenge and every one in that audience could see that it was not an idle threat. As the intruder continued to revile the evangelist, hissing and spitting, he made motion to carry his threats into execution. To the audience it appeared to be an evil moment for the little figure on the platform, and most of them must have felt exceedingly sorry for him. The officers attempted again to come to his aid but were waved away, and now in rejecting their assistance the speaker had deliberately accepted the challenge of this wicked antagonist whose size and fierceness had convinced the audience that he was well able to carry out his boasts. No doubt, critics who had slipped into the auditorium out of curiosity expected a swift and pitiful conclusion to the unexpected drama that was now coming to a climax. Certainly they could see that there was no room for trickery. The man on the platform would have to have the goods or else take the consequences.

In the moment of suspense that followed, one could not help being reminded of the story of the challenge of long ago, when the bold Goliath cursed little David in the name of his gods, and boasted that he would tear him limb from limb. The startled congregation, as the hosts of Israel must have been in their day, looked on the scene with wonder and amazement, hardly knowing what to expect next, but fearing the worst. The gathering of ministers on the platform reviewed the situation with no little dismay, knowing that unless God did a very unusual thing and backed up the speaker in a supernatural manner, the evil intruder, who had successfully broken up religious services in the past, would now do so again. Some were much disturbed that the policemen had not been permitted to take charge of the situation and believed that this error of judgment would allow this demon possessed man not only to ruin the meeting and thus bring reproach on the cause of Christ, but also might actually result in physical injury to the speaker.

The seconds passed, however, without the awaited climax happening. Presently it appeared that something was hindering the challenger from carrying out his evil designs. For some reason he was not proceeding with the execution of his boasts of physical violence, but was rather contenting himself in hissing and spitting and uttering the most fearful imprecations. Softly but determinedly the voice of the evangelist now could be heard rebuking the evil power that dominated the man. His words, spoken so quietly that they could be heard only a short distance, were saying, "Satan, because you have challenged the servant of God before this great congregation, you must bow before me. In the name of Jesus Christ, you shall fall at my feet." The words were repeated several times. The challenger ceased to speak, and it was evident that it was now he who was laboring under a strain. Strong as he and the wicked forces were that controlled him, strengthened by every evil spirit in the building, apparently they were gradually succumbing to another Power that was greater than they, a Power that responded at the whisper of the Name of Jesus! Soon it was evident that the man realized he was being overcome, but nothing he could do apparently could reverse the situation. A tense battle of spiritual forces now summoned every bit of strength that he had in him. Beads of perspiration broke out on his face as he put forth a last desperate effort to prevail. But it was all to no avail. Suddenly he who a few minutes before had so brazenly defied the man of God with his fearful threats and accusations, gave an awful groan and slumped to the floor sobbing in an hysterical manner. For quite a while he lay there writhing in the dust, as the evangelist calmly proceeded with the service as if nothing had happened.

Needless to say, the great congregation was awed by the scene that had transpired before them, in which God so signally vindicated His servant, and loud praises to God filled the spacious auditorium. The policemen too, startled by what they had witnessed, openly acknowledged that God was in their midst. Need we record that in the healing service which followed, a wave of glory was manifest that will never be forgotten by those who were present. Many miracles of healing took place that night as a multitude of people were ministered to in the prayer line.

E-12 And I remember at Portland , Oregon, when that maniac run out on the platform, three times my size. I weighed a hundred and twenty-eight pounds. He weighed about two-sixty, seven foot tall, great huge fellow. He come across the platform swinging his arms like that, cursing me, and spitting in my face. And said, "You imposing yourself to be a man of God." Said, "I'll break every bone in that little, frail body of yours." Well, he was plenty able to do it, by humanly speaking.
And I had just led two little police to Christ. They run out to grab him. I said, "This is not a flesh and blood affair." And no more than I had said that, till Something on the inside of me lifted up. And I knew he was whipped right then, because God had--had said so.
And he come across the platform and he stopped, out, about five feet from me. And He just... [Brother Branham makes a spitting sound--Ed.] ...spit, and it just flew all over my face. He said, "You snake in the grass. You hypocrite." Said, "Stand up here..." Sixty-five hundred people seated, beside just up and down the street. He said, "I'll just break every bone in your body." And he shook his big fist and, oh, his great huge arm. His eyes begin to roll around, his teeth set together, and He--and He would...
And these police found out that he had broke a--a jawbone and a shoulder of a minister the day before and they had a search warrant to get him, or, a warrant to get him, rather, right away. He was out of an insane institution. He just didn't like preachers. He just hit them; everything. So, he thought, then, he could do it, and when he run up there...
And how the Holy Spirit leading, well, I know at that moment, now, without a vision first, Something said to me, "Don't be afraid."
I, when he come to me, I thought of what that Angel said, "I'll be with you." I thought, "If You're here, which You said You'd be, then what's he? How will this uncircumcised Philistine defy the living God?"
So, he come on up towards me, and he said, "I'll break every bone in your body." And he drew back his fist.
I said, "Because you've challenged the Spirit of God, tonight you'll fall over my feet." I didn't know I said that, see, that was the Spirit talking, It done took over, then. So, there was both challenges. And he run to me, he said, "I'll show you whose feet I'll fall over." And he drew back his great big fist, like that, and the audience set spellbound.
And just as he drew back his fist, I said, "Satan, come out of him."
And he threw his hands back like that, his eyes bulged way out like that, and rolled around. He threw his head back and ro-... spun around the floor, and fell on my feet, so that the police had to come roll him off my feet 'fore I could move. Right across the platform, he was perfectly just laying there.
The police said, "Is that man dead?"
I said, "No, sir."
Said, "Is he healed?"
I said, "No, sir, he worships that spirit. See? He'd bring it right back to him because he thinks he's right." I said, "He isn't healed." They rolled him over. I said, "Get him off my feet." He was cramping me, he's laying, that big man, up on my feet; I couldn't move my feet out and both of them together. And so I--I couldn't move my feet out, and they rolled him over, and I took my feet away, and went on to get...
E-15 And at that time, when all them demons had seen their chief man defeated: they just begin to raise up out of wheelchairs, cots, stretchers, and everything else, and walk. That was the end of the meeting. They just, everybody was healed and walked out. That was it, everything. See? Just...
Now, you see? When Satan was defeated there, the whole audience believed with one accord and went out. Now, if Satan is defeated in one case, why can't they do the same thing? See?

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