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An Open Letter to the Branham Tabernacle - Update

John Collins5/12/2012 9:56:00 AMI asked several people to pray for us. Not only do I dislike conflict, I have emotional ties to both sides.

The family member who asked me for help just called to give me an update, and prayer has changed things. Either I misunderstood or he/she did not fully explain, but the person pressuring this little family to have a private meeting with the pastor is not the same one the letter was addressed to.

We should have Divine Love and take our stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the words of Paul that uplifted Christ. This Divine Love includes standing in the place of our family to protect them, but also includes avoiding conflict unless there is no other choice.

If he/she were forced into a conflict, I will take their punishment while speaking the words of the Bible. My family will not be cornered like I was.

Since there seems to be another choice, I will choose to work through love and the Word of God rather than debate and conflict.

The Word of God is the Truth, and Satan cannot face it.

God Bless You