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Moses Warns of Idolatry

John Collins05/09/2012
Before the children of Israel entered into the promised land, Moses warned them to watch themselves carefully so they did not fall back into idolatry.

In Deuteronomy 4, Moses said that they had seen no form at all when the Lord spoke to them at Horeb from the fire.  They should make no form of worship by carving an image in any likeness, male or female, any animal, birds, creeping things, fish, or otherwise.

Then he warned the children of Israel not to raise their eyes towards heaven to worship astrology or astronomy, lest they be drawn away and bow down to serve them.  These were things that the Lord God had given to all the people under the whole heaven.  The Lord had taken them out of Egypt to be a people of His own inheritance.

Moses then told the children that he would not be crossing Jordan into the promised land.  The Lord was angry with Moses, but the children would cross over to claim their possession.

Moses again warned them not to fall back into idolatry.  He said not to forget the covenant that the Lord their God had made to them.  Not to make any carved image of worship.  The Lord God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.

Moses said that when their descendants have grown old in the land, they still would be bound by this law.  If they worshipped anything except the Lord God and provoked Him to anger, they would be destroyed, perish from the Land that they were going across to posess.

Moses said that the Lord would scatter them among the peoples of the nations, and they would be left few in number within the nations where the Lord would drive them.  There, they would serve other gods that were the work of human hands, that could neither see nor hear, nor eat nor smell.  But from there, Moses said that they would seek the Lord their God and find Him, if they searched after Him with their whole heart and soul.

At first it sounds like only a warning, but then Moses indicates that it was instead a prophecy that he had been given of the last days.  He says that when they are in tribulation, and all these things come upon them in the last days, they would return to the Lord God and obey His voice.

Moses said that the Lord God was also a merciful God.  He would not leave them nor destroy them, and would not forget the covenant that he had made with their fathers.

As Christians, we should ask ourselves:  What are our idols of today?  Moses knew of them, and knew that we would fall into worship with them, yet we are not a people to carve random idols from wood or stone.  What are they?  Some claim that the original Bible was the Zodiac, while Moses states not to listent to them.  Do we listen?  Moses warned not to worship any man or woman, yet there are churches around the world that pay tribute to a man.  Do we fall into that trap?  An idol can be anything that we put before God; do we spend more time with television or other entertainment?  Sports or recreation?  Do we do these things instead of worshipping God, or do we include God in them with us?  Have we fallen back into idolatry without even knowing it?