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William Blake & William Branham

John Collins5/8/2012 2:07:00 PM
Just like it was on The Serpent's Seed, but it's absolutely proven to be right. I got papers right here, out of the paper, where women right now... and even in--in the great... Some of the great dioceses has got the pictures of the original, a snake crawling on a woman's leg, and just in how it goes around her; she has all kinds of sensations and things, something a man could never touch her with, with this huge snake wrapping around her, and so forth. That's exactly the truth. And it's going worse and worse, and will get worse. Serpent, which he was not, he could not have had the sex affair with her when he was a serpent, but remember...

Consider the life, teachings, and painting and poetry by the English poet William Blake.

First, compare his life to WMB:
William (Blake and Branham) only attended school long enough to learn reading and writing
William (Blake and Branham) claimed to see visions throughout their lives
William (Blake and Branham) claimed to have a visitation from God through the window at a very early age
William (Blake and Branham) claimed to have seen angels in a tree before teenage years
William (Blake and Branham) favored their mother and did not approve of their father
William (Blake and Branham) lost a brother early in their careers
William (Blake and Branham) looked toward nature for their religion
William (Blake and Branham) believed it was an angel who gave them their abilities
William (Blake and Branham) were only accepted by a 'chosen few'
William (Blake and Branham) taught Gnostic doctrines
William (Blake and Branham) believed in an eternal hell
William (Blake and Branham) thought their prophecies were unveiling the secrets of old
William (Blake and Branham) taught that America was naked and did not know it
William (Blake and Branham) thought they were a "voice of one crying out in the wilderness"
William (Blake and Branham) prophesied that females would be America's downfall
William (Blake and Branham) believed that knowledge of God depends upon revelation
William (Blake and Branham) Aligned himself with the Biblical prophets, and above all, Jesus Christ

The only difference is that William Blake seemingly prophesied of WMB.
Soon as she saw the terrible boy then burst the virgin cry.
I know thee, I have found thee, & I will not let thee go;
Thou art the image of God who dwells in darkness of Africa;
And thou art fall'n to give me life in regions of dark death.
On my American plains I feel the struggling afflictions
Endur'd by roots that writhe their arms into the nether deep:
I see a serpent in Canada, who courts me to his love;
In Mexico an Eagle, and a Lion in Peru;
I see a Whale in the South-sea, drinking my soul away.
O what limb rending pains I feel. thy fire & my frost
Mingle in howling pains, in furrows by thy lightnings rent;
This is eternal death; and this the torment long foretold.
America: A Prophecy -- William Blake