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The Name of Jesus

John Collins5/8/2012 8:38:00 AM
Now, and, He, what is His Name, first? We'll have to (Name) find what God's Name is before we can find what it is He is putting in the place.
Now, we find out that He had many titles. He is called the... He was called "Father," which is a title. And He was called "Son," which is a title. He was called "Holy Ghost," which is a title. He was called "Rose of Sharon," which is a title. "Lily of the Valley," a title, "Morning Star." "Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-rapha," seven different, compound, redemptive names, and all of them were titles. None of them were names.
But He has a Name. {...} And now we find out that Jesus said, also, "I came in My Father's Name, and you received Me not." Then, the Name of the Father must be Jesus. That's right.

This is not Biblical. He missed one VERY important fact, however. In the Old Testament, the NAME of God was HOLY. To speak His name aloud was forbidden during the days of the Old Testament.

The proper name of God, YHVH, is found almost 8000 times in the Tanakh (Old Testament). Because the Name of God is sacred and holy, translators replaced it with LORD, or similar words that could be said aloud without fear. They did not want the Lord's name taken in vain.

WMB tried to say that the name of Jesus Christ was the name of the God in the Old Testament, which is false. The name of God was JHVH. The name Jesus means, literally, "JHVH Rescues."